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The Chesapeake Bay Herb Society was founded in Talbot County, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland by Lou Russell and several other Eastern Shore residents who enjoy growing, cooking and using herbs.

The Herb Society is now an organization of  more than 45 members whose goal is to share ongoing knowledge of herbs through their use and enjoyment, and to contribute to the community through herbal related projects. Since its inception in August 2002, the society has implemented many outreach and educational programs.

One of our most popular activities is frequent trips to prominent commercial and public herb gardens. Our favorites, The National Arboretum, The National Botanical Gardens, and Mount Vernon are three of several herb gardens located in the greater Maryland, Virginia and Delaware area.

CBHS Herb Garden at       Pickering Creek




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Meeting times and locations are confirmed monthly in the calendar section of The Star Democrat.

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Once a month we gather

in celebration of herbs, exploring their uses, discovering new ones, digging into growing and harvesting philosophies, following herb trends and many other related topics and, best of all, to enjoy ourselves doing all of this.

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