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Please Join Us . . . 

The Chesapeake Bay Herb Society is open to anyone interested in learning more about herbs. Dues are $25 per year.  Our group meets at 6:00 PM on the 2nd Thursday of each month at Christ Church Easton, 111 S. Harrison Street, Easton MD 21601.  Members bring pot luck dishes that incorporate one or more of the pre-selected "herbs of the month." What began as a simple tasting has been elevated to a delicious feast as members show off their culinary skills. Each meeting also features an expert speaker discussing herbs, gardening, cooking techniques, or related subjects.

Our Mission

Chesapeake Bay Herb Society's members of Easton Maryland are dedicated to promoting the benefit of herbs and related plants for nourishment, health and decorative purposes through the cultivation, harvesting and use of herbs. Society members share their knowledge and experience of herbs by providing education and outreach programs to the public. 


To all of us in the Chesapeake Bay Herb Society, herbs mean something beyond their scientific definitions. Herbs are personal as they are ubiquitous . . . 


as straightforward as they are transcendent. We are passionate about their healing qualities, their aromas, their plain beauty, their simple abundance and, most of all, their cooking flavors.